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A Better Warranty

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Photon Brothers proudly offers a unique 25-year Production Warranty guaranteeing a minimum annual production each year and all parts, including panels and inverters, along with labor are covered for 25 years. We have determined the best products with the least-failure rates for this warranty.

A 25-year warranty for parts & labor ensuring your solar’s production

Photon Brothers proudly offers The Photon Advantage, a 25-Year Production Warranty with our installations, including Workmanship, System Performance and Roof Warranty. This warranty guarantees your solar system will reach a minimum annual production each year for 25 years and all parts, including U.S.-made panels and inverters, along with labor are covered. Our promise to you is that after the first year of your installation, your production will be no less than 95% of the guarantee, and after 25 years your production will be no less than 90% of the guarantee.

The Photon Advantage+ includes a 25-year warranty on the Tesla Powerwall for an additional fee.

The Statistics

  • Over 12,500 competitor microinverters have been exchanged
  • More than 2,000 competitor inverters and optimizers replaced
  • Only 68% of our competitor systems currently show monitoring
  • In 2022, 15% of competitor batteries had to be serviced
  • Already 50% of competitor batteries installed were recalled
  • However, only 4 out of 600 Tesla Powerwalls have been serviced
  • And 98% of our installed Tesla systems show monitoring!
The Photon Brothers warranty vs. traditional warranties
The Photon AdvantageTraditional Warranties
Performance: 10 yearsPerformance: 0 years
Workmanship: 25 yearsWorkmanship: 10 years
Inverter: 25 yearsInverter: 12-25 years
Roof warranty: 25 yearsRoof warranty: 10 years
Project coverageNo additional coverage
Faster response timesRelying on manufacturer
Industry-leading service teamNo dedicated service team
Continuous system monitoringOwner responsible for monitoring
Compensation for system downtimeCustomers lose when system is down

The Photon promise

Our in-house Service Department will do an annual audit on your solar’s production and any additional production over your guarantee will be credited toward any lesser production in future years. We also promise to prioritize maintenance for any issues to your system, ensuring minimal lost production during downtime.

We offer this unique warranty so homeowners can feel secure knowing their investment in their solar system is being routinely monitored and maintained. We have seen manufacturer warranties let down homeowners too many times and we stand behind our products, our services and our team. 

With Photon Brothers, you can be assured that we’re with you long after the sale and the installation and if there are ever any issues with your production, then we’ll be there to fix it.

Our guarantee

  • A 25-year warranty on all labor, parts and most importantly production
  • Minimum 95% production guarantee the first year after installation
  • Minimum 90% production guarantee after 25 years
  • Premium products with industry-leading premium warranty based on your solar’s annual production
  • Proudly offering U.S.-made products
  • Prioritized Service if your system goes down
  • Annual audit of your solar system
  • Photon Advantage+ includes a 25-year warranty on Tesla Powerwall for an additional fee
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