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Solar Panel Installation in Greeley, CO

High-Efficiency Solar Installations in Greeley

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If you’re looking for a solar installation that will deliver efficiency and a return on investment, you’ve come to the right place. Offering premium QCell, Silfab, or REC panels, advanced home battery options, EV chargers, and more, Photon Brothers helps Greeley homeowners harness the sun’s renewable energy and save on utility costs while doing it! For reliable, customer-centric service that won’t disappoint, contact Photon Brothers today. We offer free in-home estimates!

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Why Choose Photon Brothers?

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  • Superior technology

  • Return on investment

  • In-house craftsmanship

  • 25-year warranty

  • 100% satisfaction

Our Solar Services in Greeley

Solar Panel Installation

Start powering your Greeley home with clean, renewable energy. At Photon Brothers, our expert solar engineers will help you design a custom solar system that’s tailored to exactly your needs and budget. We’ll also handle permitting, inspections, and even assist with tax incentives, rebates, and financing options to help make your solar installation stress-free and enjoyable!

Our solar panel installations include:

  • Free, in-home energy assessments
  • Custom designed installations
  • QCell, Silfab, REC, and Tesla products
  • 25-year panel warranty
  • 25-year craftsmanship warranty
  • Zero sales pressure

Energy Storage

With a home battery, you can store unused power from your solar panels during the day and then draw from it to power your home at night and on cloudy days.

Photon Brothers is certified to install a variety of the industry’s most energy-efficient home batteries, including Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Empower. We’re also trained to install home batteries regardless of who originally installed your home’s solar panels or whether you even have any.

Don’t have solar panels? Greeley homeowners can still benefit from a Tesla Powerwall battery, even if it’s connected to the local grid! Compared to a whole-home generator, it’s a great alternative for powering your home during a power outage.

EV Charging

Looking to charge your electric vehicle from home? Want to save on supercharging station costs? Gain the benefits of both with an at-home electric vehicle charging plug. At Photon Brothers, we can install just about any make or model, from Tesla, Juicebox, Charge Point, and more. To get a ballpark idea of cost, fill out the form below to receive an estimated quote from one of our installation experts.

Get 50% off EV charger installation when bundled with a solar or Powerwall installation.


If you need to move and are concerned about losing your Greeley home’s solar investment, don’t be! The licensed and insured solar technicians at Photon Brothers have years of experience in carefully detaching and resetting solar panels. No matter the job, we’ll make sure everything functions properly and is compliant with local code and safety requirements.

Our solar panel removal and resetting services include:

  • Utility grid, electrical, meters, and micro-inverter disconnection
  • Handling of all permits, certifications, and licensing for HOA and utility reconnection requirements
  • Coordination between insurance companies, roofing professionals, contractors, engineers, and architects
  • Systems diagnostic test to ensure everything is code-compliant after re-installation

Repairs & Maintenance

Keep your solar system performing like new with expert repairs and maintenance. At Photon Brothers, our team of solar industry veterans can fix just about any problem you have, be it simple and cosmetic or major structural damage. With quick response times and knowledgeable Greeley-based technicians, rest assured we’ll get your solar system back up and running in no time.

Repair and maintenance services include:

  • Re-roofing, repairs, and cosmetic reconstruction
  • Troubleshooting problems with your solar panels, including inspections and cleanings, to ensure peak efficiency
  • Analysis of the surrounding area to see if trees, utility poles, or buildings are limiting electricity production
  • Premium packages like critter guards to keep pesky birds and rodents from chewing your system apart
  • Handling of all permits, certifications, and licensing for HOA and utility reconnection requirements
  • 25-year craftsmanship warranty

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Customer story in Greeley

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Customer’s request: Michael V. was skeptical about the value and performance of going solar, but after researching solar installers near Greeley who could deliver on efficiency and return on investment, he decided to contact Photon Brothers.

Our solution: Right from the start, Michael was blown away by the Photon Brothers experience. His friendly sales rep, Krista, put his mind at ease with expert answers to all of his questions. Once he signed off on a quote, his project manager, Eric, went above and beyond to keep him informed of the entire permitting process. Finally, our expert panel installers, Sam and Jerry, delivered the utmost professional, knowledgeable, and tidy installation of his solar panel setup. Now that he’s seeing energy savings from a top-quality system that will serve him for years, Michael is thrilled to recommend Photon Brothers for complete customer satisfaction.

Excellent service. Krista handled the initial sales motion and she answered every question (and believe me, I asked everything). She was prompt, professional and the whole sales experience was straightforward. Eric handled the project management and was very attentive during the permitting process. I don’t think I have ever had someone so attentive to emails and keeping the process moving. Lastly, but certainly not least, Sam and Jerry handled the install of the panels. Very professional, personable, and especially knowledgeable. They were on time and kept the site very clean and organized. I highly recommend Photon Brothers for solar. I was always skeptical of the whole concept but the team at Photon Brothers have really won us over and we are very satisfied customers.

—Michael V. | Greeley homeowner
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