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Tesla Powerwall Installation in Denver, Colorado

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Increase your energy savings with a Tesla Powerwall+. You can charge your solar panels during the day and then use stored energy from your home battery at night! This eliminates the need to pull energy from the grid and will reduce your power bill even more. Just 2 Powerwalls can power the average 2,600 sq. ft home!

Never fear a blackout again, call Photon Brothers to install Tesla Powerwall in your Denver home today!

Why Choose Us

Why get a Tesla Powerwall from Photon Brothers?

  • Say Goodbye to Blackouts

  • Self-Power Your Home

  • Enjoy Energy Savings

  • Remote Energy Control

  • Already have solar? No Problem!


What’s the cost of installing a Tesla Powerwall in Denver?

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The cost of your Tesla Powerwall installation will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of Powerwalls you install. Just 2 Powerwalls can power the average 2,600 sq. ft home. You can charge your solar panels during the day and then use stored energy from your home battery at night. This eliminates the need to pull energy from the grid and will reduce your power bill even more.
  • Installation costs. On Tesla's website, you'll find the base prices for Powerwalls. However, it's important to note that this does not include design, permitting, and installation costs. The installation will greatly impact your overall Powerwall costs, so it's important to get an accurate energy assessment to determine the needs of your home. For a free in-home or virtual consultation, contact Photon Brothers today: (720) 370-3344!
  • Tax rebates and incentives. Many states offer tax rebates and incentives to help make your new solar system more affordable, including a 30% discount on panels and batteries through the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Depending on where you live, your cost savings will vary. To learn more, visit our solar incentives page.

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Tesla Powerwall 3

Tesla Powerwall 3 Product Benefits

  • Increased Power Capacity: The Powerwall 3 supplies more power with a single unit than the Powerwall 2 and is designed for easy expansion to meet your present or future needs.
  • Compact Design: The Powerwall 3 shares the same sleek and compact design of the Powerwall 2 and takes up very little space once installed.
  • Excellent Warranty: The Tesla Powerwall 3 includes a stellar 10-year manufacturer warranty that covers all equipment top to bottom.
  • Integrated Solar Inverter: The Powerwall 3 features an integrated solar inverter for a seamless connection between your panels and your battery.
  • ITC-Eligible: Homeowners can apply the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit to the Powerwall 3. Other state and local incentives may also apply.

Customer Testimonial

What homeowners are saying about Photon Brothers

I wish every company could have technicians as professional as Photon Brothers.

This review is for the company but more specifically for one of their technicians, Eben. He came to our home and hands down was THE BEST tech experience we have ever had for any industry. Eben was professional, competent, knowledgeable, kind, hard-working, dedicated, and passionate. He was so awesome that he earned our lifelong business for his company. I wish that every company could have technicians as professional as Photon Brothers. Thank you so much!

—Amisha S.

The Process

Your Tesla Powerwall installation from start to finish

  1. Schedule your estimate

    Call us at (720) 370-3344 or schedule your no-obligation virtual consultation online today. On this call, one of our solar experts will ask you a few questions and schedule your home visit.

  2. Get a free custom consultation

    Our solar experts are excited to learn more about your family’s energy needs during a free in-home or virtual consultation–whichever you prefer. During this visit, you'll receive a proposal that includes the Tesla Powerwall installation price and potential savings. Our technician will also answer any and all questions you may have, so you can go into your installation with confidence.

  3. Relax while we handle the measurements & permitting

    Our team of solar experts and engineers work closely with you to find the right location for your Tesla Powerwall. Once we’ve taken all the necessary measurements to ensure a good fit, we’ll proceed with scheduling any necessary inspections and gathering all required permits. The system design is also approved at this time.

  4. We install your Powerwall

    If you already have an existing solar system, you'll enjoy a fast and seamless installation process for your new Powerwall system. For Tesla Powerwall installations which include a new solar system, the whole process can take four to twelve weeks, and we're with you every step of the way.

  5. Tell us about your experience

    We want to make sure you're satisfied, which is why we'll ask for your feedback after we complete the job.

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