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Energy Independence

Powerwall3 Home Night

Rising utility rates, grid instability and planned power outages are becoming more common among southern Colorado and homeowners are now taking control of their own energy. 

By pairing solar with a home battery, you can power your home from your own stored energy day and night, meaning less reliance on the grid and no stress of an unexpectedly high electricity bill.

Break Free from the Grid

Pueblo home with solar

Owning your own power means rarely, if ever, pulling from your utility, operating as if you were off-grid.

The Tesla Powerwall 3 will store energy produced by your solar panels and power your home through the night and outages. 

The All-New Powerwall 3


The Tesla Powerwall remains the pinnacle of solar energy storage on the market today. Featuring a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with liquid thermal control and 13.5 kWh of energy storage capacity, just two Powerwall units can supply a 2600 sq. ft. home with energy for over 7 days.

Already have solar? Perfect! You’re one step closer to easily integrating a Powerwall to your system.

Don’t have solar yet? Not a problem! Our team can show you options for an entire solar system with battery backup, or a stand-alone battery without solar.

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