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Looking to generate your own power supply? Or lower your electricity bills? Contact Photon Brothers for a FREE custom solar estimate. After a careful review of your Montecito home’s size and energy requirements, our team of solar engineers will design a solar system that’s tailored to your daily routines and budget. We only install the highest-performing solar products available, complete with a 25-year panel warranty. For a high-efficiency, long-lasting renewable energy system, call today!

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  • We're your solar concierge

  • Return on investment

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  • Best-in-class warranties

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Our Solar Services in Montecito

Solar Panel Installation

Going solar can be complicated, but we make it an easy and stress-free process. Following your upfront solar estimate, we’ll craft a custom solar panel design that pairs maximum efficiency for the best price possible. We’ll even help you take advantage of any local, state, or federal tax rebates available, to lessen your overall costs. Above all, we’ll make sure your solar panels are installed safely and correctly right from the beginning. That way, you enjoy renewable energy for years to come!

Photon Brothers was ranked 22nd in energy storage installers in the state of California for 2021, so feel confident knowing you are working with experts.

In Montecito we’re proud to offer:

  • Free, custom solar estimates
  • Custom craftsman installations
  • QCell, Silfab, REC, and Tesla products
  • 25-year panel warranty
  • 10-year labor warranty
  • Zero sales pressure

Energy Storage

Install a home battery in your Montecito home and get the maximum return possible on your solar investment. Your solar panels will charge during the day, and then you can draw from your battery at night and on cloudy days. From state-of-the-art Tesla Powerwalls to Enphase Encharge batteries, Photon Brothers is trained and certified to install the industry’s most advanced lithium-ion batteries.

EV Charging

Imagine coming home from running errands and simply plugging in your electric vehicle, right into its very own charger! From Tesla and Juicebox to Charge Point and more, the Photon Brothers team can expertly install any brand or model of EV plug in your Montecito home. Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with pricing details.

Get 50% off EV charger installation when bundled with a solar or Powerwall installation.


Moving is stressful enough, why add your solar system to the list? Whether you need help detaching, resetting, or both, Photon Brothers has a team of professionals that can handle everything for you. When finished, we’ll ensure your system is up to code and approved to power on as soon as possible!

In Montecito, our solar panel removal and resetting services include:

  • Utility grid, electrical, meters, and micro-inverter disconnection
  • Handling of all permits, certifications, and licensing for HOA and utility reconnection requirements
  • Coordination between insurance companies, roofing professionals, contractors, engineers, and architects
  • Systems diagnostic test to ensure everything is code-compliant after re-installation

Repairs & Maintenance

Like we mentioned above, Montecito homeowners enjoy a 25-year panel and 10-year labor warranty when they install a solar system with Photon Brothers. If your panels need repairs or maintenance throughout that time period, we’ll get everything fixed— likely at no cost to you!

In Montecito our solar panel repair and maintenance services include:

  • Re-roofing, repairs, and cosmetic reconstruction
  • Troubleshooting problems with your solar panels, including inspections and cleanings to ensure peak efficiency
  • Analysis of the surrounding area to see if trees, utility poles, or buildings are limiting electricity production
  • Premium packages like critter guards to keep pesky birds and rodents from chewing your system apart
  • Handling of all permits, certifications, and licensing for HOA and utility reconnection requirements
  • Systems diagnostic test to ensure everything is code-compliant after re-installation
  • 10-year labor warranty

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We may still offer it! Just contact us online or call us at (805) 351-3371, and we’ll reach out to discuss your needs.

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Customer story in Montecito

Photon brothers project ca

Customer’s request: P. Von was looking to install a home battery system. Although they were shopping around for great prices, they also wanted to find a trustworthy installer. After contacting Photon Brothers’ team of solar experts, we scheduled a custom solar estimate. That way we could spend quality time discussing P. Von’s specific energy needs and desired budget.

Our solution: Right from the start, Photon Brothers’ team members Ryan and Nick were amazing. Not only did they review all solar battery options and prices, but they also gave honest advice as to which system would be best for P. Von’s home and energy requirements. In the end, P. Von chose to install an Enphase system, and they couldn’t be happier. For the superior quality service they received, P. Von will happily choose Photon Brothers for all future solar projects.

I looked at five companies to install a Solar Edge Battery system to supplement my solar array. Photon Brothers had the best price and their team members Ryan and Nick were amazing. In the end, I chose to install an Enphase system. The amazing thing is the Photon Brothers can install either company’s systems as one might be better for your particular application. These guys are competent and honest and don’t forget I said the best price. I definitely would use them for a project I could not handle.

—P. Von | Montecito homeowner
Photon brothers project ca

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