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Looking to take control of your electricity bills? Reduce your carbon footprint? Or gain independence from the PG&E power grid? Contact Photon Brothers for a FREE custom solar estimate! We’ll help you power your Los Osos home through renewable solar energy. And with a lineup of premium solar products like QCell, Silfab, or REC panels and Tesla Powerwall batteries, you can rest assured you’ll see immediate and long-term savings. Click below to get a free solar estimate within seconds. You can also visit our financing page to learn about our flexible lender options. From start to finish, we make it easy for Los Osos homeowners to go solar!

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Why Choose Photon Brothers?

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  • High-performance products

  • 100% custom designs

  • Quality craftsmanship

  • Longer-lasting warranties

  • 5-star service

Our Solar Services in Los Osos

Solar Panel Installation

Ready to go solar, but feeling overwhelmed by the process? Let Photon Brothers be your solar concierge. Starting with a free upfront estimate, we’ll assess your roof pitch, average daily energy consumption, and other key factors to determine how many panels you need. Then, we’ll craft custom panel designs to get you the most solar power for your budget. We can even review financing options and any solar rebates that may be available in Los Osos.

In Los Osos, we’re proud to offer:

  • Free, custom solar estimates
  • Custom craftsman installations
  • QCell, Silfab, REC, and Tesla products
  • 25-year panel warranty
  • 10-year labor warranty
  • Zero sales pressure

Energy Storage

Did you know that Photon Brothers was ranked among the top 25 California energy storage installers in 2021? Whether you’re interested in a multiple Tesla Powerwall setup or an Enphase Encharge battery system for your Los Osos home, trust our master electricians to get the job done right. We know our way around the industry’s best lithium-ion batteries, and we’ll make sure your home stays protected against power outages, marine layer, smog, and more.

Best of all, installing a home battery isn’t just convenient for nighttime or peak use. It can also help prolong the lifespan of your solar panels. When your panels have a chance to off-load power during peak hours, they’ll endure less wear and tear.

EV Charging

The number of EV charging stations in Los Osos has grown, but at-home plugs are still the most convenient place to charge. Whether you’ve got a brand-new electric vehicle or one of the very first EVs that came on the market, Photon Brothers can help you find the right plug for a lightning-fast charge. Day after day, your time and energy savings will add up fast! Fill out the form below to get a ballpark quote today. One of our friendly EV charging experts will reach out to you with pricing details.

Get 50% off EV charger installation when bundled with a solar or Powerwall installation.


If you’re in the process of moving, don’t let the fear of losing your solar panels worry you. At Photon Brothers we’re proud to offer the most trustworthy detach and reset services in Los Osos. Our NABCEP-certified pros will take excellent care of your panels, inverter, mounting hardware, and roof. When finished, we’ll ensure your panels perform better than ever!

In Los Osos our solar panel removal and resetting services include:

  • Utility grid, electrical, meters, and micro-inverter disconnection
  • Handling of all permits, certifications, and licensing for HOA and utility reconnection requirements
  • Coordination between insurance companies, roofing professionals, contractors, engineers, and architects
  • Systems diagnostic test to ensure everything is code-compliant after re-installation

Repairs & Maintenance

Photon Brothers makes solar panel repairs and maintenance a breeze. In fact, when Los Osos homeowners hire us to install their solar panels, we’ll provide a 25-year panel and 10-year labor warranty. Should you need any repairs or maintenance during this timeframe, your out-of-pocket costs could very well be zero!

In Los Osos, our solar panel repair and maintenance services include:

  • Re-roofing, repairs, and cosmetic reconstruction
  • Troubleshooting problems with your solar panels, including inspections and cleanings to ensure peak efficiency
  • Analysis of the surrounding area to see if trees, utility poles, or buildings are limiting electricity production
  • Premium packages like critter guards to keep pesky birds and rodents from chewing your system apart
  • Handling of all permits, certifications, and licensing for HOA and utility reconnection requirements
  • Systems diagnostic test to ensure everything is code-compliant after re-installation
  • 10-year labor warranty

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Customer story in Los Osos

Photon brothers project ca

Customer’s request: When Matt B. started looking into Central Coast California solar providers, he was encouraged by Photon Brothers’ growing list of 5-star reviews. He contacted our friendly customer service team for a quote, and our team began answering all of his questions with expert advice.

Our solution: With smart panel designs tailored around his home’s needs and budget, Matt was sold from the get-go. He scheduled his solar panel and two Powerwall installation, and our team had his solar system up and running in no time. Throughout the process, he really appreciated how communicative, professional, and nice we were. He’s also glad to have peace of mind that his equipment was installed with attention to detail and precision quality labor. For the all-around stellar experience he received, Matt is thrilled to recommend Photon Brothers to everyone he meets.

Photon Brothers has exceeded my expectations… These guys were really pros. They got everything done in one day without a hitch. I ended up with 2 Tesla batteries and solar panels on my roof. A very meticulous installation that looks great…I don’t usually take the time or have the time for reviews but this company was so good that I had to do it. My only complaint is that I now have this cool Tesla app that I can’t resist checking every 5 minutes as I watch in real-time as my system is saving me money and will backstop me in the event the grid goes down. I couldn’t be happier with the job Photon Brothers did and will recommend them to everyone I know!

—Matt B. | Los Osos homeowner
Photon brothers project ca

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