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Solar Panel Installation in Arroyo Grande, CA

Craftsman Quality Solar Installations in Arroyo Grande

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At Photon Brothers, we help Arroyo Grande homeowners gain energy independence and lower their monthly power bills with custom solar installations. Designed and installed entirely in-house, our team of solar experts delivers craftsman quality work that’s based upon your individual needs and budget. If you’re looking for an efficient and affordable solar setup, give us a call today and we’ll schedule a free, in-home estimate.

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Why Choose Photon Brothers?

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  • We're your solar concierge

  • Return on investment

  • Zero outsourcing

  • 25-year panel warranty

  • 5-star ratings

Our Solar Services in Arroyo Grande

Solar Panel Installation

Looking to go solar? We’re here to make the process simple and easy. From permitting to installation, we’ll carefully guide you through every stage of the project, including help with tax incentives, rebates, and financing. Each home has its own specific needs, so you can count on us to deliver a unique design that meets all of your budgetary and aesthetic concerns.

Throughout the Arroyo Grande area we’re proud to offer:

  • Free, in-home energy assessments
  • Custom craftsman installations
  • QCell, Silfab, REC, and Tesla products
  • 25-year panel warranty
  • 10-year labor warranty
  • Zero sales pressure

Energy Storage

Never run out of power again. With battery storage, you can store excess solar energy to use later— including nights, cloudy days, and during power outages. Paired with a custom design of QCell, Silfab, or REC panels, battery storage installations will provide your greatest return on investment.

As Tesla-certified installers, we can install a Tesla Powerwall battery in your Arroyo Grande home. It’s the #1 lithium-ion battery system on the market, and provides 7 kWh of power storage for peak, anytime use. It also has a sleek and compact design and comes with a 10-year warranty. The best part? You can get real-time feedback on power use through the convenient Tesla app!

Looking for another brand? We also offer an array of energy storage brands, including Enphase Empower batteries. We’re also trained to install solar batteries regardless of who originally installed your home’s solar panels.

EV Charging

By and large, the best place to charge your electric vehicle is at home. You’ll save money on electricity costs and enjoy the convenience of waking up to a completely charged vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a Tesla, Juicebox, Charge Point or another brand of EV plug, we’ve got your Arroyo Grande home covered. For a ballpark estimate on cost, fill out the form below and one of our EV charging experts will reach out to you with more info.

Get 50% off EV charger installation when bundled with a solar or Powerwall installation.


The stress of moving is already a lot, why add your solar setup to the list? At Photon Brothers, our team of licensed and insured solar experts will detach and reset the solar panels on your Arroyo Grande home so that everything functions as if you’d never even moved! We also make sure that all wiring is up to code, so you can rest easy knowing that your power connections are safely installed.

Our solar panel removal and resetting services include:

  • Utility grid, electrical, meters, and micro-inverter disconnection
  • Handling of all permits, certifications, and licensing for HOA and utility reconnection requirements
  • Coordination between insurance companies, roofing professionals, contractors, engineers, and architects
  • Systems diagnostic test to ensure everything is code-compliant after re-installation

Repairs & Maintenance

Whether you’ve got ash build-up from wildfires or cracked panels from fallen storm debris, Arroyo Grande homeowners often need solar panel cleanings and maintenance. From small cosmetic repairs to major reconstruction and wiring, the Photon Brothers team will keep your system performing at its highest capacity.

Across Arroyo Grande, our solar panel repair and maintenance services include:

  • Re-roofing, repairs, and cosmetic reconstruction
  • Troubleshooting problems with your solar panels, including inspections and cleanings to ensure peak efficiency
  • Analysis of the surrounding area to see if trees, utility poles, or buildings are limiting electricity production
  • Premium packages like critter guards to keep pesky birds and rodents from chewing your system apart
  • Handling of all permits, certifications, and licensing for HOA and utility reconnection requirements
  • Systems diagnostic test to ensure everything is code-compliant after re-installation
  • 10-year labor warranty

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Customer story in Arroyo Grande

Photon brothers project ca

Customer’s request: When first-time Photon Brothers customer, Kent, was looking to install solar panels on his Arroyo Grande home, he was apprehensive about both cost and energy effectiveness. After calling around town for quotes, he was stopped in his tracks by the affordable options Photon Brothers presented him with. Realizing that we had the best options for his needs and budget, he happily scheduled his new solar installation.

Our solution: At every stage of the process, our team of project managers and electricians delivered on our promise of 5-star service. We designed a completely custom solar setup to meet all of Kent’s unique energy requirements and provided a professional, top-notch quality installation experience. Blown away by our friendly, hassle-free service, Kent happily recommends Photon Brothers for anyone looking to install a custom solar setup.

Photon Brothers gave me a bid to also install solar panels and worked with me to design the right sized system for my needs. They were thousands less than the other 2 bids I received. Solar and battery installations were painless, and workmanship top-notch. But also the staff was super friendly and professional. Kudos to our project manager Logan, electrician Miles, Accountant Lynsi, owner Dave and the entire team. I wish all the companies I deal with were as good as you guys!

—Kent Z. | Arroyo Grande homeowner
Photon brothers project ca

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