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Never Lose Power Again

Powerwall3 Home Night

Power outages are inconvenient and frustrating but grid outages will continue, especially with heightened wildfire threats. Prepare today and backup your home with a Tesla Powerwall.

Store your energy and use it when it matters most with the brand-new Powerwall 3. 

The Powerwall 3’s seamless integration provides an instant transition and will begin powering your home the second an outage is detected.

More Affordable Than Ever

Tesla Powerwall 3.0

Thanks to substantial rebates and incentives, Powerwalls are more affordable than ever. And as one of the Central Coast’s only local Certified Premier Tesla Installers, Photon Brothers is your expert Powerwall installer with thousands of successful installations completed.

Already have solar? Perfect! You’re one step closer to easily integrating a Powerwall to your system.

Don’t have solar yet? Not a problem! Our team can show you options for an entire solar system with battery backup, or a stand-alone battery without solar.

How Much Can You Save?

We’ve compiled some of the most beneficial solar and battery incentives available to California homeowners below, check it out here. Our in-house Rebate team will help assist you with the process to ensure you get the most credits or money back available!

Here’s a quick look at some of the rebates available that you may qualify for:

  • Self-Generative Incentive Program | $2,900 — $26,400
  • PG&E Permanent Battery Storage Rebate | $5,000
  • $750 Photon Brothers Spring Savings Special (when you and a friend both sign up)

.…plus the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit

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