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California Solar Panels: Top Questions Answered

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In California, solar panels are installed on more than 1.5 million homes. But are solar panels worth the investment? With early solar panel installation and under older (now expired) regulations, homeowners could see serious financial benefits from harvesting their own power and selling excess energy back to the utility supplier.

Now, answering the question of whether solar panels are worth it requires a look at more complex legislation that is still aimed at growing the individual electric grid but with more securities in place for electric suppliers. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions California residents have about installing solar panels and the potential value of a home system, including:

We’ll answer all of these questions so you can be confident about upgrading to green and sustainable energy.

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Are Solar Panels Worth It in California?

Yes, solar panels are worth it in California. Not only do solar panels decrease your monthly electricity bills and increase your home’s value, but they also have several state and local incentives available that may help mitigate the installation costs. Talk to your local Photon Brothers representative to get more information about programs available in your area.

Who Owns Solar Panel Systems in California?

There are several options when it comes to solar panel systems. You can lease a system at a set cost per month, pay upfront and own the system outright, or finance the cost of installation. Ownership of the system depends on which method you choose when installing solar panels. Talk to your installer about the options and monthly costs of each and look at your potential savings.

Is California Taxing Solar Energy?

California currently has a tax exclusion that doesn’t consider solar panels when estimating home value for property tax rates. This offers homeowners considerable savings on a home improvement project that can deliver significant monthly savings on utility costs.

Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment?

Yes, solar panels are worth the investment. Beyond contributing to a cleaner environment by reducing carbon emissions, solar panels offer substantial financial savings over time. With decreasing installation costs, government incentives, and net metering programs, homeowners can experience a positive return on investment by generating their own renewable energy.

Why Are Rooftop Solar Power Investments Worth It?

Rooftop solar allows you to repurpose space that typically doesn’t have any other use. You can literally monetize your roof to help offset the cost of electricity, helping to pay for your heating, cooling, and water heating costs (the largest contributors to your utility bills). While they are a significant upfront investment, your long-term savings are considerable and only projected to grow as electricity costs continue to rise.

What Is the ROI on 5kW Solar Panels Installation?

The ROI of your solar panel installation depends on how much power you use. The average American household typically requires 20kW of power, but the amount of money you save on electricity bills depends on your current energy consumption, local electricity rates, and the efficiency of your solar panels. In California, where electricity rates can be relatively high, the potential for savings is greater. Net metering also helps to offset costs and reach payoff values earlier, giving you more years of discounted or free electricity.

Including a home battery with your solar panel installation can further enhance the ROI. A home battery stores the energy generated by your solar panels instead of exporting it to the grid. This stored energy can be used during peak hours when electricity rates are higher or during power outages, providing additional savings and convenience. By maximizing the use of the energy you produce, a home battery reduces your reliance on the grid and can significantly increase the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your solar energy system.

Is Solar Power Worth the Investment?

Yes! Solar power is worth the investment for most homeowners in California and Colorado. The electricity savings alone make it a solid investment before you factor in the increase in home value, which can add thousands in profits when you sell your home. That said, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable solar installer who provides custom designs (like Photon Brothers does) as well as higher-efficiency panels that come with a production guarantee (we offer a 25-year production guarantee).

Are Solar Panels Financially Worth the Investment?

Yes, solar panels are financially worth the investment for California homeowners. With abundant sunshine and relatively high electricity rates, California provides an ideal environment for solar power. The state also offers robust financial incentives, including the federal solar investment tax credit and various state rebates, significantly reducing upfront costs. Additionally, net metering policies allow homeowners to receive credits for surplus energy, contributing to long-term savings on electricity bills. As technology advances, solar panel efficiency improves, enhancing the overall return on investment.

Should I Invest in Solar Power to Save Money?

There’s a solar power option that works for nearly every home– it just takes customized designs from knowledgeable solar engineers. While some homes may have lots of shade or proximity to frequent marine layer, most California homes have enough hours of direct sun per day to make investing in solar a solid choice. You’ll likely start reaping electricity bill savings from day one, with a full recoup of your investment in just 7 – 10 years. Call Photon Brothers at (805) 351‑3371 to speak with one of our solar experts. We can provide you with an exact price quote, including expected energy savings and payoff period.

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