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Why You Shouldn’t Do a DIY Solar Panel Repair

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In recent decades, the advancement and rising importance of renewable energy have made solar panels an increasingly common feature of modern homes. Residential solar panels, once considered to be almost science fiction, have made the transition into everyday fact. That development has started to tempt homeowners into cutting corners on repairs. The common logic behind most attempts at do-it-yourself maintenance is visible: handy homeowners aspire to save time and money with the DIY approach. Still, for most of us, solar panel repair is a business best left to professionals.

Here, we’ll cover the major reasons why you shouldn’t do a DIY solar panel repair:

Each of these factors on its own is reason enough to work with expert contractors for the upkeep of your home solar panels. Taken together, they make a pretty overwhelming case for avoiding the DIY approach.

Call the experts at Photon Brothers for all your solar panel repair needs.

The team of licensed electricians at Photon Brothers has a perfect safety record. When you install solar panels with us, we’ll handle all panel repairs in-house. Backed by a 25-year parts and labor warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can count on us to get the job done right.


Working with solar panels means dealing with heights, electrical systems, and specific tools that can be problematic in inexperienced hands. Mistakes with wiring, grounding, or the handling of solar components can be dangerous. They can result in electrical or fire hazards that can pose risks both to your personal safety and to the integrity of your property.

Professional contractors bring the training, knowledge, and safety gear that’s essential to minimizing the risk of accidents. A high-quality company will provide a repair team that’s specifically dedicated to this kind of service. That kind of specialized knowledge includes familiarity with all the most current best practices for maintaining a secure and efficient work site.

Warranty Coverage

Product warranties from solar panel manufacturers generally require professional installation and maintenance. Attempts at DIY solar panel repairs can void those warranties. That can leave you out in the cold if your repair attempt goes awry or when issues develop in the future. Working with professional contractors is the best way to preserve the longevity of your investment and maintain your warranty coverage.

Quality Assurance

There are a lot of different factors that go into making sure that your solar panel repairs leave your power functioning at peak efficiency. It takes knowledge and expertise to assess what’s needed on a repair job.

Prior to repairs even happening, it’s often necessary to carry out a complete solar system and panel inspection. An expert eye can troubleshoot why your solar power might not be operating effectively. This step of the process itself requires professional tools and capabilities in order to diagnose problems accurately.

Sometimes, the problem is obvious, such as the need for re-roofing after a hail storm, detach-and-reset repairs, or full solar panel replacement or removal. Even then, professionals can typically carry out the needed work with accuracy and efficiency that a DIY job simply can’t hope to compete with. Their knowledge of proper electrical connections and wiring is essential to avoiding substandard performance, energy wastage, and even property damage.

Code Compliance

Compliance with codes such as the International Building Code, the International Fire Code, and the National Electrical Code are all necessities for the proper operation and repair of a solar power system. These codes are constantly being updated to keep pace with changes in the industry. Their purpose is to preserve the lessons of experience and protect technicians from dangerous errors.

Professional technicians have an in-depth understanding of electrical codes and regulations. They can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your solar panel repair meets the strictest industry standards.

Time and Frustration

In addition to the factors covered above, there’s the question of time and frustration to consider. What originally looked like a simple DIY job, according to an online guide, can grow overwhelming in real life. The work, equipment, and other considerations can prove to be much more complicated than anticipated. Professional contractors can spare you the aggravation and can often complete a repair in a single day.

Your solar panel repair team is at the ready. Call Photon Brothers today!

When you need solar panel repairs, don’t leave anything to chance. Rely on the professionals at Photon Brothers to provide prompt and reliable service and expert solar advice. We’re proud to install and service U.S.-made products that come with industry-leading 25-year warranties on parts and labor.

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