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Does Weather Affect Solar Panel Performance? What to Expect and How To Prepare.

Photon Brothers Snowy Solar Panels

Whether you already have solar panels or you’re interested in going solar, you might be worried about how weather can affect your solar panel performance, especially in Colorado and California, where wildfires and severe storms have become increasingly common.

The good news is that there are measures you can take to protect your solar panel investment. With the right precautions in place, you can continue to reap the benefits of renewable solar energy no matter the outside weather conditions. 

To help you prepare, let’s take a look at how solar panels perform in:

We’ll also review some best practices for preventing solar panel damage due to weather conditions and why installing a backup battery will safeguard your home during weather-related power outages.

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If you’re thinking of going solar, it’s important to work with a trusted and experienced solar panel installer. At Photon Brothers, our licensed electricians have a perfect safety record. We also provide snow and critter guards with all new solar panel installations, and we have a dedicated service team for all your maintenance and repair needs. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing your solar system comes backed by a 25-year production guarantee!

Heavy Snowfall

In areas with heavy snowfall, such as Colorado, solar panels will frequently become covered in snow. Snow-covered panels are unable to absorb sunlight, and as a result, the amount of electricity generated by the panels can decrease significantly.

To mitigate this, it’s important for homeowners to install their solar panels at an angle that allows snow to slide off the panels easily. This can be achieved by placing the panels at an angle of between 30 and 40 degrees. Additionally, some solar panel manufacturers have developed heating elements that can be added to the panels to melt snow and ice.

As one of Colorado’s most trusted solar installers, Photon Brothers understands how snowfall impacts solar panels. That’s why we provide free snow guards with every new solar panel installation.

High Winds

In areas with high winds, such as California, solar panels can be damaged or even blown off the roof if not installed properly. For this reason, it’s crucial for homeowners to ensure that their solar panels are securely attached to the roof with quality mounting hardware. 

We can’t stress this enough: poor mounting hardware may be cheaper to install, but your cost savings will go straight out the door if your panels become unhinged and then damaged during a high-wind storm. Furthermore, make sure you hire an experienced installer who’s trained to secure your panels correctly.


In recent years, wildfires have become a growing concern for California and Colorado homeowners. Wildfires can have a significant impact on the effectiveness and lifespan of solar panels, as the smoke and ash can block the sunlight that the panels need to generate electricity.

We recommend that homeowners perform regular cleaning of their solar panels to remove any debris that may have accumulated on the panels. Additionally, some solar panel manufacturers offer special coatings that can protect the panels from the effects of smoke and ash.


Hailstorms are a common occurrence in Colorado, and they can cause significant damage to solar panels. Depending on the size and impact of hailstones, they can crack or shatter the glass covering on solar panels, reducing their effectiveness and lifespan.

In some cases, hailstorm damage may be covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy, but it’s important to check with your provider to see what’s included. Typically, premium solar panel brands are designed to withstand the impact of hailstones. Additionally, homeowners can install protective screens or netting around the panels to reduce the impact of hail.


Severe thunderstorms can have a significant impact on solar panel performance. The strong winds and heavy rain associated with these storms can cause physical damage to solar panels, leading to a decrease in energy output. Additionally, lightning strikes can damage the electrical components of solar panels, rendering them useless.

To prevent damage to solar panels during severe thunderstorms, homeowners can take several precautions. One important step is to ensure that the panels are securely anchored to the roof (as we mentioned above) since strong winds can cause panels to become dislodged. Homeowners can also consider installing lightning protection systems, which can prevent damage to the electrical components of the solar panels. 

At Photon Brothers, we have a dedicated in-house service department for all your solar panel maintenance and repair needs. Should your panels become damaged due to severe weather, we’ll help you get them back up and running in no time!

How a Backup Battery Can Safeguard Your Home During Outages

When the power goes out due to a storm or other weather-related event, a solar battery system can provide backup power to keep your essential appliances and devices running. This means that even if your panels have been damaged by hail, snow, or lightning, your household can still have access to lights, refrigeration, and other important services. That peace of mind is truly priceless!

Furthermore, a backup battery system will help you reap even greater lifetime energy savings, as you’ll be able to store excess energy from your panels during peak sunlight hours.

Want a reliable and sustainable source of energy, no matter the weather?

Turn to Photon Brothers for a free custom solar estimate! We proudly install US-made products that provide your greatest return on investment. Even better, we guarantee that your system will perform at a minimum of 90% efficiency for 25 years, and we back up our work with a 25-year labor warranty too!

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