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The Process of Detaching and Resetting Solar Panels

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Having the benefit of solar power in your home is a great way to exert greater control over your energy usage and save you money on your utility bills. Your solar panels are an investment that will pay for itself many times over if cared for properly.

Although most solar panels are designed to last 25 to 30 years, repairs are sometimes needed to keep your system optimized or your panels need to be adjusted for convenience. This process of removing solar panels temporarily or replacing them with new panels is called detaching and resetting:

It’s crucial to note that touching, moving, or fixing any part of your solar panel system on your own can void your warranty. This could be very costly for a homeowner. Solar panel warranties often cover specific types of damage or malfunctions, but they typically require that any servicing or repairs be carried out by certified professionals. Unauthorized tampering or DIY repairs can lead to the warranty being invalidated, leaving you responsible for any future repairs or replacements. Therefore, it’s always best to contact professional service providers for any maintenance or adjustments to your solar panel system.

Leave your solar panel repairs to the experts at Photon Brothers.

When you install solar panels with Photon Brothers, we handle all of your repair and maintenance needs in-house. In fact, we have a dedicated service department that’s on call whenever you need help. To get started on your solar journey, book a free estimate today.

Why Detach and Reset Panels?

Sometimes, panels need to be removed temporarily because their current placement is getting in the way. This commonly happens when a home needs roof repairs, but solar panels have been installed over it. These panels will need to be disconnected to allow access for roof repair or replacement and then reset once the work is complete. Panels may also need to be detached to allow for configuration changes if additional panels are being added or the system is scheduled to be set differently on the property.

The other most common reason for detaching and resetting panels is to switch out panels that have malfunctioned or been damaged. In this case, the faulty panel is removed and replaced by a new panel to bring the system’s energy generation back up to expected levels.

Step-by-Step Process

When detaching panels already in place, the first step is to cut off the electrical components of the solar panel system for safety purposes. Once the electricity is cut off, individual panels can be carefully removed using special tools and equipment. If the panel is to be reused, it is stored carefully and labeled to ensure it doesn’t sustain any damage and can be properly reattached later.

Whether resetting an old panel or a new one, installation begins with an inspection of the site to ensure proper support. Next, panels are carefully aligned and attached according to the specifications needed to meet the homeowner’s needs. All electrical components are reconnected at this stage, and the solar system is tested to verify connections are secure and the system functions efficiently.

Why It’s Best to Hire Professionals

First, solar panels are, by design, connected to electrical components, which pose a danger to anyone not trained to work with electricity safely. Even a small mistake in removal and reconnection can cause serious injuries. It’s also important to note that most solar panels require special equipment to remove and install. It is unlikely the average person would have these lying around, so these items would need to be purchased.

One of the most important reasons to hire a professional, however, is the expertise you’re paying for. The purpose of having a solar system connected to your home is to increase energy efficiency and save you money. Maximizing the efficiency of your system requires a knowledge and skill set that only comes with experience. Professional installation technicians can assist with any alterations you want to make, ensuring the changes added won’t dilute the effectiveness of your full system. They will also skillfully detach your panels to minimize any random potential for damage and then reset them to match their former placement or improve placement for better efficiency. If a mistake does happen, professionals usually offer a warranty or guarantee to protect your interests.

Additionally, if a homeowner’s existing solar installer has gone out of business, Photon Brothers is still ready to assist with their Detach and Reset (D&R) needs and help with any home insurance paperwork. This ensures that homeowners are not left unsupported in maintaining their solar systems, even if their original installer is no longer available. Photon Brothers’ commitment to service includes helping homeowners navigate through these challenges, providing peace of mind and continuity in their solar energy experience.

Take comfort in our perfect safety record and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When you’re ready to pull the trigger on switching to solar power, start with our free estimate tool to get an idea of the investment needed to bring solar to your home. Our solar panels come with a 25-year production warranty and a 25-year warranty on all labor and parts. We take pride in focusing on US-made products, and all our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Photon Brothers is partnered with many roofers and contractors for D&R and are experts at these types of projects.

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