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The Future of Solar Energy

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26% of the world’s energy currently comes from renewable sources. Solar makes up the majority of this, as solar advances have made solar energy incredibly easy to harvest and store. Needless to say, the future of solar energy is bright, and there are many companies and countries that have invested in furthering the technology to make it even more efficient and accessible.

We foresee incredible things in the future and that solar energy will continue to rise in popularity. Some predictions include:

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Solar Energy Will Continue to Become Cheaper

MIT has recently reported that photovoltaic module costs have dropped by over 99% since its first inception four decades ago. This is incredible news for consumers, who will continue to see increasingly cheaper solar installation prices.

Governmental policies and solar advances in technology account for the majority of the drop. There is an increase in conversion efficiency, or the amount of power that can be generated from a given amount of sunlight. Although the prices are already quite affordable, a lot of money is still going towards further development in the industry, and there are many expected breakthroughs that will happen in the future. These breakthroughs will only drive the cost of solar power down even more, making it an affordable option for everyone.

Solar Installations Will Continue to Rise

As solar energy is renewable and a clean source of energy, there are many government rebate programs and tax incentives to help homeowners and businesses make the switch. All the more so as countries like the U.S. continue to set high carbon reduction goals in order to combat climate change.

Furthermore, as the industry advances, so too does the workforce. Now more than ever, there are solar installation professionals trained to install all sizes of solar systems, which only helps to reduce the costs for consumers. If you’re interested in a high-quality solar installation, Photon Brothers can help. We’re proud to offer in-house craftsmanship from expertly trained solar professionals!

Solar Power Will Become the Most Popular Renewable Energy Source

With its rising popularity, it’s no wonder why many people believe that solar power will become the most popular renewable energy on the market, surpassing wind and other alternatives. Solar energy is easy to come by and yields the fewest amount of byproducts and waste. Hydropower, for example, requires homeowners to live in a specific place. There are no such restrictions with solar power. You’ll find sunshine from coast to coast! On top of that, new solar advances have made it so that solar energy can be harvested even with minimal sunlight, which is ideal for routinely cloudy climates.

Both Residential and Commercial Properties Will See More Solar Energy Systems

In the U.S., many residential and commercial buildings will start to incorporate more solar systems into their design. In fact, California has mandated solar panel installation on all new homes and buildings of up to three stories. That’s not surprising when you consider the fact that California has an abundance of sunshine throughout the entire year.

Batteries and Storage Systems Will Become Even More Efficient

Once solar energy is harvested, not all of it is stored for future use. There’s always some excess. Great strides have been made in improving the capacity of batteries and storage systems. This will allow more facilities to rely on solar energy both day and night. They’ll be able to rely on solar energy even in periods of low sunlight, thus closing the gaps between sunlight collection and electricity production and generation.

Make the switch to renewable energy, with help from Photon Brothers!

At Photon Brothers, we have more than a decade of experience in residential and commercial solar system installations. We proudly offer US-made products, have a perfect safety record, and honor 25-year performance, workmanship, and equipment guarantees! To learn how you can start saving on energy costs with a custom solar panel and home battery installation, contact us at (720) 370‑3344 (Colorado) or (805) 351‑3371 (California) today. Or, click below to use our online solar calculator. If you like what you see, we’d be happy to schedule a free consultation!

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