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Tesla Backup Switch Explained

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Tired of losing power during a bad storm? Not only are outages inconvenient and frustrating, but they can also cause food waste, harm to your electronics, and even jeopardize any refrigerated medications or life-saving medical equipment. While you can’t prevent extreme weather events from occurring, you can protect against power outages by investing in a Tesla Powerwall energy storage system. 

Harnessing its state-of-the-art backup switch,” the Powerwall will disconnect your home’s solar system from the grid when a power outage occurs. Then, it supplies your home with backup energy from the Powerwall system. You can continue to use your heating and cooling systems, electronics, Internet, refrigerator, and other vital appliances.

To further explain, in this article, we’ll unpack the following benefits of the Tesla Backup Switch and how it’s such a great feature of the Tesla Powerwall system:

Keep reading to learn more about this unique technology and how to get it for your home.

Interested in a Tesla Powerwall?

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Increased Protection and Reliability

From severe weather events to falling trees to old-fashioned equipment failure, there are many possible causes of power outages. No matter the cause, the result is the same: a lack of electricity. This translates to no heating or cooling, wasted food, and reduced productivity if you need the Internet to work from home. 

As mentioned above, Tesla Backup Switches combat the effects of outages by automatically detecting them and shifting to the backup supply. A standard battery stores up to 14 kWh of power, serving as a reliable source during emergencies. This is just one of the many reasons why the Tesla Powerwall is the #1 lithium-ion battery on the market.

Streamlined Installation Process

Now that you know what the Tesla Backup Switch does, you might wonder: How is it installed? Designed to simplify the Powerwall installation process, it plugs directly into your existing meter socket. This simple process eliminates the need for any extensive rewiring and promotes a faster installation. In fact, it cuts the Powerwall installation time by over six hours.

Improved Energy Monitoring and Savings

Concerned about costs? Tesla Powerwall systems are already designed to increase energy savings by reducing your reliance on the grid. More specifically, your battery is charged by solar panels during the day and then uses stored energy from your home battery at night. Backup batteries also use stored energy, making them highly efficient tools.

In addition to increased savings, you can carefully monitor your energy usage on the Tesla App, which is very user-friendly. It provides precise, real-time data, giving valuable insight into your costs and energy needs.

Enhanced Aesthetics

In addition to its functionality, the Tesla Backup Switch offers unique aesthetic benefits. Not only does it conveniently slide behind your utility meter, but it also doesn’t require any additional electrical components. Thus, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a bulky, unsightly product on your property.

High Safety Standards

When it comes to your home’s electricity, safety is essential. To ensure your home is properly protected, all Tesla Backup Switches meet the following requirements:

  • IEEE 1547 intentional and unintentional islanding
  • UL 1741 Power Control Systems (PCS)
  • UL 414, UL 2735 and UL 916 safety standards
  • Certified for use with any meter socket at a full rate capacity of 200 A

You can further guarantee safety and reliability by working with a premium-certified installer, such as Photon Brothers. Along with a perfect safety record, we offer unique expertise, high-quality materials, and long-lasting products. Whether you’re looking to install a new Tesla Powerwall system or enhance your current system, we’ll get it done.

Protect your home with a Tesla Powerwall installation from Photon Brothers today!

At Photon Brothers, we have a team of licensed master technicians who are highly experienced in solar panel and Tesla Powerwall installations. We also offer a dedicated in-house service department, a 10-year battery warranty, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply put, you can relax knowing that your home’s electrical system is in the best hands possible. Schedule your free estimate online today!

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