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What Is Tesla Powerwall 3? Everything You Need to Know


As the #1 lithium-ion battery on the market for years now, the original Tesla Powerwall and Powerwall 2 revolutionized energy storage for solar systems. So, what’s new about the Tesla Powerwall 3? 

Available by mid-2024, the new Tesla Powerwall 3 comes with an integrated inverter to increase efficiency when using and storing power. It’s also easier to install, averaging around 30 – 40 minutes. The most significant upgrade in the new Powerwall is its 11.5kW of continuous power output, compared to the 5kW of the current Powerwall 2 and the 5.7kW of the Powerwall+. In short, it takes home energy storage to the next level, protecting you from outages at any time of day. 

That said, there are some drawbacks. For instance, it’s only compatible with new solar setups, so if you already have rooftop solar, it won’t work with your system. However, its sleek new design and smaller size make it an attractive option for new solar systems. Plus, there are significant rebates available. Most notably, Xcel Utility, which currently offers $5,000 off the cost of a new Powerwall installation. 

So, if you’re looking to go solar in 2024, keep reading to learn more about the changes to the Tesla Powerwall 3.

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At Photon Brothers, we design your system from scratch to give you seamless power, day and night. Battery backup power using a Tesla Powerwall solution is just one option. Talk to our licensed electricians about the best way to keep your electricity flowing and receive the 5‑star service we’re known for. Our solar installations come backed by a 25-year production guarantee and a perfect safety record!

Onboard Inverter

The Powerwall+ and the Powerwall 2 were designed to work with already installed and operating solar systems. They’re compatible with all inverters currently manufactured, allowing battery storage to work seamlessly with existing solar power generation systems. That said, the inverter came in a separate box. 

One of the key differences with the Powerwall 3 is that it brings the inverter onboard, all in one unit. It comes with an installed inverter that connects to your solar panels and reduces the energy loss between transfers. With the inverter part of the battery system, you lose less power, which translates into greater efficiency and more savings.

More Continuous Power & Bigger Battery Storage

The Powerwall 3 represents significantly more storage space without a substantially bigger footprint. The new Powerwall has 11.5kW of continuous power output, compared to the 5kW of the current Powerwall 2 and the 5.7kW of the Powerwall+. Since battery storage installed with a solar power generation system helps avoid outages, storing more power means your home can operate without interruptions, even if the grid is down for an extended period.

With the option to charge during the day and rely on battery power at night, the Powerwall 3 delivers a 24-hour solution for those times when the sun goes down and the grid is dark.

Stackable Installation

The Powerwall 3 is designed for modular, scalable installation. One battery can be stacked on top of another, letting you design your power storage in cubic feet, not square feet. With both indoor and outdoor installations available, the Powerwall 3 brings extra electric storage to the next level.

If you want to start with a single battery, you can. Then, as your power needs expand or as you deal with longer or more frequent blackouts, you might choose to expand your stored power. Installing additional batteries is so easy; it’s almost a do-it-yourself project.

Remote Controls for Optimized Energy

One of the biggest benefits of a Tesla Powerwall 3 is the option to control how the stored power is used. There are several options, all designed to help you save in different circumstances. The time-based control settings let you use stored power during peak times and grid power when the cost is at the lowest level. If your home typically produces enough power for the day, you might use the self-powered mode, where you don’t use any power from the electric grid. But, while switching between those modes, you also have a backup option that reserves power in case of an outage.

You control how much power you store versus use, all through an intuitive app that also gives you abundant insights into your normal power usage. View your usage levels and get data on outages, all through your Tesla app.

Not Backwards Compatible

If you’re installing your first solar power generation system or just want a backup power source for your home, the Powerwall 3 has a lot to offer. For example, the onboard inverter converts DC power straight into AC electricity. Since power isn’t being inverted until it exits the battery, this means less energy gets lost in the process, saving you even more energy.

That said, because previous Powerwalls harnessed separate inverters, the new Powerwall 3 can’t be added to existing Powerwall setups for additional energy storage. So, if you’ve already invested in a Powerwall 2 unit, it’s better to continue utilizing that system before upgrading down the line.

Have questions about solar power and storage?

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