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EV Charger Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

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Owning an electric vehicle has many benefits, from increased fuel economy to reduced emissions. Once you purchase an EV, however, you need some way to charge it. If you don’t want to rely on neighborhood charging stations, consider adding an EV charger to your home. Home chargers make it more convenient to own an EV, and may make you eligible for money-saving tax credits, giving you the best of both worlds.

Before claiming an EV home charger tax credit, read our latest article to learn more about:

Ready to take advantage of these money-saving programs?

Photon Brothers has a team of licensed electricians to complete EV charger installations with the highest degree of efficiency and accuracy. We’re also familiar with the Colorado incentives and California incentives, so we can help you choose qualified equipment.

Federal, State and Local Tax Credits

The federal government is offering a one-time tax EV home charger tax credit to motivate consumers to use energy-efficient vehicles. The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit, also known as the 30C tax credit, allows you to claim 30% of the cost of buying a home EV charger and having it installed. The price of installation depends on several factors, including the age of your electrical panel, so the government allows you to claim a credit of up to $1,000.

To claim this credit, you must install the charger at your main residence. You won’t qualify for the credit if the installation takes place at a vacation home or investment property. Additionally, you must complete the installation during the tax year in which you want to claim the credit.

California Tax Credits

Residents of California have access to more than 70 programs designed to incentivize EV use. Some programs offer rebates for home EV charger hardware and installation. For example, Central Coast residents can take advantage of Central Coast Community Energy’s (3CE) EV rebate of up to $2,400.

To find home EV charger rebate programs in your area, visit Drive​Clean​.ca​.gov and click the Search Incentives” tab. Once you find a program, contact Photon Brothers to learn more about how we can help you maximize the tax benefits of installing a home EV charger. We have a 25-year production warranty (minimum 90% efficiency guarantee after 25 years), a perfect safety record, and a dedicated service department, giving you extra peace of mind as you work to reduce your energy consumption.

Colorado Tax Credits

Colorado’s tax credits only cover EV purchases, but the Colorado Energy Office offers grants to help residents pay for home charger installation. Each grant covers 80% of the installation cost, up to a maximum amount dictated by the type of charger you install. The maximum grant for a Level 2 charger ranges from $4,500 to $6,250, depending on the charger’s power output rating. Many Colorado utilities offer EV rebates that may apply.

Qualified Equipment & Eligibility

If you want to use a tax credit, rebate, or grant to reduce your out-of-pocket costs, you must pay close attention to each program’s eligibility requirements. Photon Brothers offers expert solar advice, so you can rely on us to help you choose qualified equipment and install it correctly. It’s also important to review the eligibility requirements for each program. You may have to install the home EV charger within a certain time period or meet other eligibility criteria.

How To Claim

To claim the federal EV home charger tax credit, complete Form 8911 and submit it with your tax return. Each California charger rebate has different eligibility requirements and claims processes, so check with your utility company or municipality for more details. To apply for a Colorado EV charger grant, you must fill out the application on the Charge Ahead Colorado website.

Why You Should Act Now

The federal tax credit expires at the end of 2032, and state programs may end at any time, so it’s essential to act now. If you wait, you may miss out on your chance to save money on your EV charger installation.

Do you need a home EV charger?

Photon Brothers has extensive experience with EV charger installations, including Tesla EV chargers as a Tesla-certified installer. Contact us today to learn more about available California incentives and Colorado incentives for installing an EV home charger and we’ll get you charging your EV from the convenience of home!

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