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What Are The Benefits of Having Solar Power in Your Home?

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Are you thinking about adding solar panels to your home? There are a lot of benefits for those who invest in solar power, and many homes are good solar candidates.

With more draw on the power grid than ever and soaring summer temperatures, solar is a great way to add more power to the grid and increase your home resale value. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the other benefits of adding solar power and explore how it can help you. Some of the biggest benefits include:

Ready to lower your electric bill and raise your home value?

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Energy Savings

If you’re tired of paying ever-increasing energy bills, going solar for your power is a great way to offset some of the price increases from your supplier. With the right setup in California or Colorado, you can generate enough power for your home without needing energy from the grid. With the average household paying $220 per month on electricity alone in California, saying goodbye to that bill can go a long way toward giving you some extra cushion in the budget.

While immediately after installation, you’ll likely be making payments on your solar power system, the cost is often offset almost entirely by your energy savings.

Energy Independence

Even if saving on your monthly bills isn’t a big deal, energy independence is a gift to anyone. The electric grid is often unreliable. Below are two ways energy independence can help you.

Protection During Rolling Blackouts & Power Outages

Everyone in California knows what rolling blackouts are like. During peak usage hours, sometimes the power grid isn’t up to the challenge, and the lights go out on street after street. There are planned blackouts designed to even out energy draw and unplanned blackouts.

When a big storm rolls through, it can leave thousands of homes without power. Power outages happen with irritating regularity. Even without storms, high winds, or even a badly placed traffic accident can knock out power to a neighborhood.

When you have solar power, it doesn’t matter what the energy grid is doing. You’ll have power no matter what. Even on overcast days, solar power systems still collect enough energy to power the average home if you have enough panels set up. You’ll also need battery storage at home to make your system outage-proof.

Future Proof Amidst Rising Energy Costs

When you invest in solar, you pay the quoted cost at the time of installation. Then, you collect energy for decades without changing the original installation cost. Essentially, you’re locking in your electric rate for the next 20 – 30 years. Since the cost of electricity is skyrocketing, with no end in sight for the cost increases, future-proofing your electric payments might save you even more than you expect.

Renewable and Clean Energy

As a renewable and clean energy source, solar power benefits not just you but everyone around you. Cleaner energy means fewer emissions into the air, which means better air quality. Better air quality has clear health benefits and can reduce the severity of upper respiratory illnesses.

As a renewable source of energy, the supply will never run out. That’s particularly important since oil and gas prices are expected to creep substantially higher over the next decade as demand ramps up in developing nations. Mining coal is inefficient and environmentally destructive, and other non-renewable energy sources also face environmental and cost fluctuation concerns. As solar energy programs become more robust, the benefits of energy independence also become clear.

Government Incentives & Tax Credits

Solar power is currently heavily subsidized by local, state, and federal government programs. Many of these programs have built-in sunsets, so it’s important to act quickly if you want to switch to solar power.

Currently, the federal program offers up to 30% of the cost of your PV solar power system back as a tax credit. So, when crunching the numbers, take that 30% off the top to see your actual cost. Individual energy companies in Colorado offer anywhere from $500-$2,500 in rebates for those who qualify. Before you sign on the dotted line, search for public and private programs that may help offset the cost of your solar power installation.

Low Maintenance & Long Lifespan

Once you’ve installed solar panels, you’re good for decades to come. Some of the industry-leading solar panels come with amazing guarantees. When you buy through Photon Brothers, we guarantee you’ll still draw 90% of the maximum power after 25 years of use. That long lifespan helps keep your total power costs down over the decades you’ll use your panels.

Plus, solar panels require very little in the way of maintenance. You might need the mounting checked every once in a while, or there might be recommendations for how to store the most power, but the panels need almost nothing. They are a plug-and-play technology that runs for years.

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