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Enjoy Convenient Financing for as Little as $0 Down

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We are proud to offer multiple financing options for those looking to add solar or energy storage to their home!

While some homeowners may pay with cash for their solar installation, many choose to finance their project by working with our in-house experts and selecting a lender option that is best for them.

Our team will ensure you get the best financing available. Some of our plans require $0 down, meaning there’s no need to wait to invest in solar power for your home.

How It Works

Work with our in-house financing team to discover the loan program best suited for you!

  • We’ll determine your eligibility
  • You’ll submit an application through a verified loan processor
  • We’ll get you the best loan rate offer you qualify for
  • Close your loan, install your solar and save your money!

Lender Options

As with any loan, rates vary based on the length of the contract, interest, your credit score, associated dealer fees, and the amount being financed. Here is a very brief look at some of the lender options we offer:

  • Mosaic | 18 months — 25 years | 3.99% — 9.99% APR
  • Dividend | 10 – 25 years | 9.99% – 7.99% APR

Why Choose Photon Brothers

Our in-house team of expert solar & finance consultants have years of experience finding the right financing option for each household. From cash purchases to custom loans, solar loans, and more, we are here to help you through the process! Contact our team today to determine which may be best for you.

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